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Surf Forecasts. If you  wanna go surfing in Cornwall, we feature all the major surf forecasts for surfing in Cornwall

Surf Reports. We have all the best surf reports for surfing conditions in Cornwall

Webcams. We`ve scoured the web, to bring you probably the most comprehensive list of surfing webcams in Cornwall

Weather and Winds -  To help you determine wave quality where you`re surfing  in Cornwall

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Surfboard Makers

Surfboard Manufacturers. There are a lot of great surfboard manufacturers in Cornwall.  If you`re a surfboard maker in Cornwall and you`d like to see your ad appear here,  please contact us for details. Aloha Surfboards Surfshop1 Black & White Surf Co Crab Island Surfboards Custard Point Surfboards Gul Surfboards

Aloha is the spirit of surfing life! At 30 years young Aloha is recognised by name and graphic throughout the surfing world, its respect and acknowledgement from the world’s surfers is a true testament to its ability to be at the forefront of surfing..…More…

Aloha Surfboards

Aloha surfboards

Here at BeachBeat we always like to deliver the best to our customers. Whether it’s high performance shortboards, beginner to intermediate boards or something custom designed. The same knowledge and craftsmanship goes in to every board we design and build, so you get the maximum enjoyment and longevity out of..…More…

Beachbeat Surfboards

Beachbeat Surfboards

The world market leader in the field of windsurf for over 20 years, in the last 20 years BIC Sport has diversified into the manufacture of surf boards, kayaks, sailing dinghies for children, and has most recently focussed its knowledge and experience…More..

BIC Surfboards

BIC Surfboards

Shortboards to Longboards, give me a call for details and advice on gettiing a custom board to suit your personal style and ability. Beginner, intermediate and full contest designs available..… More…

Black & White Surf Co

Black & White Surf Co

Just like going to a tailor for a good suit, Pete's boards are tailor made to fit the riders particular style and state of progression. …More…

Crab Island Surfboards


Specialist longboard, mini-mal and alternative surf shapes based in the heart of Newquay. Since '83 Custardpoint.The new "built in Britain" board range is evolving. This project is putting Custard Point back in the forefront of surfboard…More…

Custard Point Surfboards

Custard Point Surfboards

The Fluid Juice factory, (situated just ten minutes from the classic surf breaks of Constantine, Booby's and Harlyn) has been making custom boards for over 20 years. Our customers have come to rely on our experience and skills to..…More..

Fluidjuice custom surfboards

Fluidjuice custom surfboards

It was in the early sixties that Dennis Cross, a man with a passion for surfing, decided that enough was enough. Although he loved surfing, the waters of the Atlantic were too cold, especially in winter! He therefore set about designing the first purpose…More…

Gul Surfboards

Gul Surfboards

Matt has shaped at all the top surf factories throughout his career, from working at Ocean Magic, Beach Beat, Factory 52, Black n White, Phoenix to working with the legendary world famous Eric Arakawa from Hawaii...…More…

Adams Surfboards

Aloha surfboards

With over 45 years of surfboard building knowledge and skill in the bank we leave you safe in the knowing that when you paddle out on one of our custom Longboards or Shortboards, you are with a true original and a work of art that is tailored for you and you only. Still part of the team are not only the original owner David Lascelles, but.. More…. les.beginning.…More…

Cord Surfboards


Seed was born out of a passion for custom, for the creative. To cast aside the mundane, the mass produced, the over hyped and to solely focus on craftsmanship, quality and classic style.…More…

Seed SurfCo

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